Monday, November 24, 2014

30 PLUS Movie Titles That Make Great Page Titles

By Team Member Leader, Alicia Olson!

Yes, these are all real movies!

1 Amuck
2 Amusement
3 Babysitter Wanted

4 Girls Night Out
5 The Impossible Kid
6 Born Yesterday
7 The Love Bug
8 The Music Man
9 My Fair Lady
10 Above and Beyond
11 All This and Heaven too
12 Angel Baby
13 Boys Night Out
14 Breakfast for Two
15 Chasing Rainbows
16 A Christmas Story
17 Close to My Heart (yes it is a movie!)
18 Dance, Fools, Dance
19 The First Auto
20 From Here to Eternity
21 Good News
22 Hanging By a Thread
23 Hold On!
24 I Know Where I am Going!
25 If I Had a Million
26 It Happened Here
27 It’s a Great Life
28 Monkey Business
29 Rain
30 Smart Woman
31 A Star is Born
32 Suddenly
33 A Summer Place
34 Summertime
35 Sunny
36 Suspense
37 Take Me Out to the Ballgame
38 Tea for Two
39 Top Banana
40 Two of a Kind
41 We Were Dancing
42 The Wrong Box
43 You Were Never Lovelier

Sunday, November 23, 2014

30 Basic Scrapbooking Supplies

From Crystal Neal!

Glue stick
Card stock
Big kick
Journal pen
Cricut pen
Cricut carts
Score board
Bone folder
Exactly knife
Color pencils
Pencil sharper
Border maker
Score tape
Corner round
Homemade embelishments
Glue dots
Foam tape
Paper trimmer
Bag to carry your stuff

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Did you know?

If you are stuck for a Christmas present for your favorite crafter, I do offer gift certificates.*

$25 gift certificates for $22.50
$50 gift certificates for $45.00
$75 gift certificates for $68.50
$100 gift certificates for $90.00

*Gift certifucates must be redeemed through me, not through my website.

30 Things to Scrapbook

This list is from Heather Carter, go getter!

1. your bucket list
2. your favorite song(s)
3. family recipes
4. your dream vacation
5. your favorite book(s)
6. a typical day in your life
7. someone you admire
8. your favorite Bible verse(s)
9. your favorite actor/actress
10. your favorite movie(s)
11. a poem
12. your favorite author(s)
13. your favorite tv show(s)
14. your dream job
15. if you could be any animal, what would you be?
16. your dream home
17. the meaning/history of your name - first and/or last
18. your favorite food/meal
19. your favorite season
20. your city/town/state - history of, what you like about it...
21. if you won $10,000,000 what would you do with it?
22.if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
23 if you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who and why?
24. most unusual thing you've eaten
25. how you and your significant other met or how your parents met
26. your favorite cartoon when you were a kid
27. who would you most want to be stranded on a deserted island with?
28. things that are your favorite color
29. the history of your favorite candy
30. world events the day/month/year you were born

Friday, November 21, 2014

30 Holiday Titles

This list courtesy of Linda Hicks, who has been on my team longer than anyone!

A Snowy Christmas

Tis the Season

A Sleigh Ride

A Taste Of Christmas

A Time of Wonder

A-Caroling We Go

All I Want for Christmas is ...

All is Calm.....All is Bright


Bundle Up 

Christmas Blessings

Christmas Chaos

Christmas Cuties

Christmas Joy

Christmas Memories

Dear Santa

Christmas Magic

Deck the Halls


Home for the Holidays


Dreaming of a White Christmas

Jingle All the Way..

Little Elves

Mistletoe Magic

Naughty or Nice

Santa's Little Helper(s)

Silver Belles

The stockings were hung.....

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Thursday, November 20, 2014

30 Photos to Take At Christmastime

Photos to take at Christmas time by my wonderful team member, Vonnie Ross!

1 each family member's favorite ornament
2 holiday socks loved ones are wearing
3 special holiday cards 
4 Fun in the kitchen making holiday cookies
5 people and pets near the Christmas tree or other decorated areas
6 people reading their favorite books or special holiday stories
7 Holiday sweaters even the ugly ones
8 favorite Christmas stockings
9 everyone enjoying their favorite holiday goodies
10 Holiday dinner tablescape
11 take the camera to church and snap a few photos of your favorite people before or after the service
12 the neighborhood outdoor holiday displays
13 Special interest group - Bunko, Ladies Night Out, Book Club, Bible class, etc.
14 Sports team members - Bowling team, golf team, etc.
15 work friends 
16 family pet(s) at play
17 Carolers
18 children visiting Santa
19 your best friends
20 your favorite neighbors
21 Someone being nice
22 Someone being naughty
23 Secret Santa gifts
24 Outdoor activities, sledding, ice skating, skiing, etc.
25 family and friends laughing
26 Snowman 
27 Snow angels
28 your 2014 gifts before they get broken or disappear
29 a selfie with each relative and friend
30 Your 2014 Mantelscape(s) 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

30 Ways to Shake Up Your Scrapbook Layouts

Here's another "30" post by Can't Stop Dreaming Team member, Angie Higginbotham!!!!

All your pages starting to look the same? Is it time to challenge yourself to try something new? 30 ideas to make your next layout amazing!

1. Emboss something on your page-thought for today, snow flakes!
2. Washi tape- I made the cutest layout with 3 different washi tapes, meeting in the corner, super cute and easy!
3. Use up leftovers- make an eclectic page using up some things you have that are leftover from another page!
4. Use a tool you own that you don’t use very often- how long has it been since you used your crimper? Layered punches?
5. Try a different color than expected! Do a Christmas layout using anything but Green and Red!
6. Find a layout you love on Pinterest and make it work for whatever your next layout is!
7. Walk thru our idea book.  Start on layout 1 and make it work for your pics.  Then #2.  I did this one time and it was great because I got layouts done and didn’t stress!
8. Use ribbon or twine as the star of the show.
9. Cut a large circle in half and punch small holes all around the outside edge.  Tie coordinating ribbons threw each hole so you have a circle of ribbon and slide it under your pics.  Amazing effect!
10. Turn your title.  Make your title run along the side of the page and not on the top or bottom!
11. Do just one photo.  How many layouts do you love but they only have one photo.  But you have way too many photos to just do one picture on a layout! Go crazy and blow up that picture you love and give it its own page. It is your scrapbook remember! You can love it!
12. Use Flip-Flaps! Take that event that has way to may pictures and keep it cool by overlapping your flip flaps to create a book!
13. Brads- Do you have a ton of brads you never use? Make an embellishment with them and feel good about using them again!
14. Quilt layout.  If you have a lot of pics, Use a large square punch to create smaller squares and form a quilt layout with the pieces and matching paper!
15. Cut your pictures! Take a picture and cut into smaller puzzle pieces and layout with a small gap between each piece! Amazing effect.
16. Use an embossing folder to give your paper a special effect!
17. Distress something on your page!
18. Paper piece your embellishments for a page!
19. Use a layout guide for a WOG for a different paper pack!
20. Time yourself and complete a layout in 20 minutes! That will be a big challenge for some!
21. On your next layout, use a Picture my life protector as a layout for a non- Picture my life layout!
22. Use washi tape to cover buttons or brads to match your layout!
23. Use paint chips and a punch to create an ombre look to your page!
24. Use a punch for another reason that what it was created for.  Stack different colors of green snowflake punches to create a Christmas tree!
25. Sew on your page!
26. Use a huge element on your page.  For example if it is a child’s 4th birthday, use a giant 4 as your background element!
27. Use all those leftover pieces of paper to create a corner element to your page.
28. Stamp on your page.  Use a tone on tone or complimentary color and create your own background paper this way!
29. POP DOTS- are great on your scrapbook layouts! Are you using them?
30. My new favorite thing- use your cricket.  They have layouts already designed, don’t even have to think hard!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Top 30 Favorite Close to my Heart Products

First off, our cartridges are exclusive to Close to my Heart.  Secondly they are unlike any other Cricut cartridges, have 700 images and work for papercrafters, scrapbookers and cardmakers!  I have never had a single customer express anything but LOVE of our cartridges.

1.  Cricut Artfully Sent Cartridge
2.  Cricut Artbooking Cartridge
3.  Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge
4.  Cricut Artiste Cartridge

5.  My Crush In the Pink Book - So super pretty and crush/smash books require little creativity.
6.  Cut Above Holiday Treat Bag Kit - How cute is this and barely any work involved in making holiday bags.

7.  Cut Above Holiday Card Kit  -  Again, easy as pie.
8.  Designed Decor Shadow Box - The cool thing about this is that you can do a one page layout and just place it in this magnetic frame and hang it on the wall - instant decor.
9.  Display Tray - Cut up a 12 x 12 page here and insert it in the panels.
10.  Red Enamel Hearts - Not just for Valentine's, I use these all the time.

11.  Bling Gems - Gold Assortment - Super pretty and elegant.
12.  Gold Shimmer Trim  - My favorite color of shimmer trim and comes with adhesive on the back.
13.  Lagoon Hearts Washi Tape - Washi tape is awesome, easy to tear, apply and remove.
14.  Paper Fundamentals - If you haven't taken a close look at these papers you are missing out.  They come in all of our 40 colors so will match the paper you already own, patterned on the back and shiny on the front!

15.  My Creations Kraft Container - One of the most simple to decorate containers ever!
16.  Embossing Folders - I have fallen in love with texture on my cards and these embossing folders make it a breeze.
17.  Ranger Silver Super Fine Embossing Powder - I saw some cards made with this particular color and then colored in with markers.  It just made the stamped images pop.
18.  Shin Han Touch Twin Markers - If you like Copic markers, you will like these!

19.  Mini Stapler - I have been using this on cards constantly, the staples are smaller so they just look decorative.
20.  Piercing and Embossing Tool Kit - On one tool, enough said!
21.  Ruler - If you are a stickler for things being on straight, you need this lined see through ruler.
22.  Score Board - I no longer have to use my trimmer to emboss lines!

23.  Non-stick Scissors - Aren't you tired of cleaning your scissors?  You don't have to with these.
24.  All-Purpose Mat  - Nothing sticks to it and you can heat emboss on it, this is perfection.
25.  Washi Tape Dispenser  - To hold my beloved washi.
26.  My Acrylix Stamp Scrubber - How about a scrubber that can handle any sized stamp and removes pigment ink beautifully?

27.  Memory Protectors Flip Flaps - BEST SCRAPBOOKING PRODUCT EVER!  See the video below.

28.  Organizers - Because we are always needing another container to hold our stuff.
29.  Exclusive Inks Mini Pigment Pad Sets  _ Pigment pads that don't take FOREVER to dry.
30.  Studio J - Our digital scrapbooking program, costs nothing to try it out, you only buy when you want your layouts printed.

All of these products can be bought at my website

Monday, November 17, 2014

30 Days of Awesome Color Combos

From my awesome team member, Jan Jacobs

Close to my Heart ink colors:
1. Sorbet/Black/Lagoon
2. Black/Slate/Flaxen
3. Sunset/Black/Thistle
4. Olive/Autumn Terracotta/Chocolate
5. Lagoon/Barn Red/Chocolate (trust me)
6. Glacier/Autumn Terracotta/Chocolate
7. Goldrush/Chocolate/Olive
8. Ruby/New England Ivy/Black
9. Champagne/Black/Ruby
10. Cranberry (my fave)/Black/Glacier
11. Slate/Glacier/Cranberry
12. Canary/Thistle/Pear
13. Pacifica/White/Crystal Blue
14. Black/Canary/Cranberry
15. Pixie/White/Pear
16. Hollyhock/Juniper/Flaxen
17. Black/Pixie/Canary
18. Crystal Blue/Flaxen/Gypsy
19. Gypsy/Honey/Black
20. Col White/Crystal Blue/Smoothie
21. Desert Sand/Glacier/Sorbet
22. Pear/Lagoon/Hollyhock
23. Col White/Glacier/Pear
24. Sunset/Pear/Cotton Candy
25. Outdoor Denim/Ponderosa Pine/Ruby
26. Slate/Glacier/Sorbet
27. Honey/Lagoon/Topiary
28. Outdoor Denim/White/Crystal Blue
29. Lagoon/White/Thistle
30. Saddle/Sunset/Autumn Terracotta

Sunday, November 16, 2014

30 Supplies for a Cardmaker

1.  Stamps - I prefer acrylic because you can see what you are doing.
2.  Idea books - Close to my Heart has two that have step by step directions for making cards.
3.  Inks - a variety of colors but black and brown should be your first ones.  I love archival black ink.
4.  Pigment inks - for doing wet embossing.
5.  A stamp cleaner and spray.
6.  Blocks if you are using acrylic stamps.
7.  3 -d foam tape (also called pop dots).
8.  Glue dots - for holding heavier pieces on your cards.
9.  Pen glue - for smaller spaces that need adhesive.
10.  A good adhesive, I like Duck Easy-Stick Adhesive.
11.  An all purpose non-stick, heat resistant mat.  We sell an awesome one.
12.  VersaMat - cushioned on the back for stamping, self-healing on front for cutting.
13.  Score board - more texture and scoring.
14.  Sanding kit - especially if you use white core paper.
15.  Paper - essential obviously.
16.  Piercing tool - for lifting, making holes for stitching and brads and a variety of other helpful uses.
17.  Markers - to color in your images.
18.  Liquid Glass - for shining up your images or to glue down heavier objects or 3 -d flowers.
19.  Blending pen - for coloring right from your ink pad.
20.  Embossing folders - texture, texture, texture.
21.  Ribbons - Add so much to cards.
22.  Bone folder - to make your folds perfectly flat
23.  Shimmer trim - like ribbons but no tying required.
24.  Embellishments - sequins, sparkles, brads, etc.
25.  Washi tape - fast way to decorate your cards.
26.  Baker's Twine - like ribbons but easier to tie!!
27.  Embossing powder - to make awesome raised images and so much more.
28.  Craft heater - to use with your embossing powder and pigment inks, a blow dryer does not work!
29.  Versamark ink - practically invisible to utilize in special embossing techniques.
30.  Trimmer - noone wants to cut by hand.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

30 Page Titles!

I have the most wonderful Close to my Heart team.  We call ourselves the Can't Stop Dreaming Team and we have already done some amazing things including selling $21,000 worth of scrapbooking and stamping products in one month and signing up 78 new team members.  This month we are doing a challenge to come up with list of 30 things that can help YOU with your scrapbooking, stamping and papercrafting!  As we write the lists, we will be posting them on our facebook pages, twitter, instagram, blogs and pinterest!  We hope you enjoy them!  Here's the first!

30 Page Titles

1.  All Weather, Together
2.  Life's Journey
3.  Christmas is...
4.  Love is in the air
5.  Let it Snow
6.  The Thrill of Victory
7.  A day at the Beach
8.  Precious Moment
9.  Dandelion Dreams
10.  Circle of Friends
11.  Friendship Lives
12.  Together
13.  Sweet Treats
14.  I Carry Your Heart
15.  Caution:  Kids At Play
16.  Your Eyes
17.  Our House
18.  Home is Where the Heart Is
19.  With This Ring
20.  The Simple Things
21.  It's a Beautiful Day
22.  Summer Pleasures
23.  Attitude!
24.  A Mother's Love
25.  Cherished Memories
26.  Expectations
27.  Hook, Line and Sinker
28.  The Road Not Taken
29.  Just Like Dad
30.  Born Today