Monday, February 20, 2017

Not so random acts of kindness

I have a son, age 18, who is always a bit of a pain when it comes to Christmas and birthdays. My family and myself are always asking him what he'd like for a gift and he always says he doesn't need anything and it gets so frustrating because we obviously want to buy him a nice gift. This year, he finally asked for something. We have a local Mexican restaurant that we go to all the time. We love, not only the food, but the waiters who work there. They are just the nicest bunch of gentlemen who go out of their way to remember us, joke with us, and especially practice Spanish with us (my whole family has taken Spanish at some point in our lives). Anyway, Sam told us that instead of gifts for Christmas he wanted a $100 bill so that he could give it as a tip to one of the waiters. The whole family really got behind this idea and we were all excited when we went to El Rodeo a couple of days ago to give this tip. Sam was very specific that he didn't care which waiter ended up at our table and he also did not want to give it to him personally because, he told us, that wasn't the point, it wasn't about getting recognition for it. (Yes, I love my son.) So, just to make sure the waiter knew it wasn't to pay the bill or an accident, Sam wrote the word "tip" on a little piece of paper. He set the $100 bill on the empty basket of chips with the tip paper on top and we got up, paid our bill and left, never looking back at the table (he wouldn't let us). What's my point? This is a special memory for our family. We will remember it a long time but wouldn't it be even better if it were written down. Isn't it an important enough memory to have a photo with it (even if it isn't the actual photo of the waiter, the $100 or even us sitting at the table)? Isn't this the very reason we scrapbook, to capture and preserve our memories FOREVER? Just saying.......

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